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M3020102: International migration
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International migration by administrative territory, statistical
indicator and year
Republic of Lithuania
Emigrants30 38325 75038 50083 15753 86341 10038 818
Emigrants per 1 000 population9.
Imigrants8 6099 2976 4875 21315 68519 84322 011
Imigrants per 1 000 population2.
Net migration-21 774-16 453-32 013-77 944-38 178-21 257-16 807
Net migration per 1 000 population-6.7-5.2-10.1-25.2-12.6-7.1..
The number of emigrants for 2001–2009 has been recalculated on the basis of the results of the 2011 Population and Housing Census of the Republic of Lithuania and statistical surveys carried out in 2006–2010, based on which undeclared emigrations flows in 2001–2009 were estimated.

.. – category not applicable, data not available, although the phenomenon existed, insufficient accuracy of statistical estimate, data is not presented since the error of statistical estimate exceeds the accepted allowable value, confidential data, indicator is not calculated in such expression, statistical information of the last period will be released later according Advance release calendar.

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Contact: Liucija Palčiauskienė (8 5) 236 4977
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